Jelena Jovanova: Instead of Buying Foreign TV Series, We Should Make Macedonian

She has several film roles behind her and the number of theater roles played is already with two digits. Jelena Jovanova is the first Macedonian actress who stood on red carpet alongside Angelina Jolie for the premiere of "In the Land of Blood and honey ", where she had a significant role. But she does not stop here, she continues to build her career.

For some time her life takes place exclusively in the movement on the relation Skopje - Zagreb and back, but she still manages to be in both places at the right time.

There's not much to talk about her extraordinary acting talent because her professional biography already says enough. Jovanova neither in this period stands still on a professional level, so the last thing of her engagements is the preparation for the play, the musical "Chicago," directed by Natasa Poplavska, and the role in the Croatian film "The Constitution of Republic of Croatia" by Rajko Grlic.

Grlic is one of the most remarkable filmmakers in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and he put his director's signature on the films such as "Karaula", "You need three for Love", "Just Between Us" as well as numerous television series. This latest film project in which our actress participated isprimarily about love, that, says Jelena, we are always hungry for.

Because of her engagement we talked to Jelena Jovanova:

T: In this period you cooperate with one of the top directors in the region Rajko Grlic, who has left behind films like "Karaula", "You love Only once", "For Luck You Need Three", etc ... films that left a strong mark. How does the cooperation go?

Without mystifications of the events or personalities and just simply said, it is a wonderful feeling to spend a few days on the set with such a director. When Rajko called meandconveyed my script in several sentences, I wanted to be part of that story. Working with someone who works for you as an actor, who knows why he works the things which he works on and how to get it, it just cannot be bad and you cannot not enjoy the work. I pray that every filmmaker is able to work 10 hours a day, dedicated to two scenes and a clear picture on how to get the best out of them. I will be sad if this is his last film, as he announces, but happy to "steal" at least something of his treasury. It was worth it!

T: The film with a dose of seriousness in the title "Constitution of the Republic of Croatia" is in fact a comedy and Grlic recently in an interview revealed that shows the living of different characters including a homosexual, transvestite and a Serb. Can you tell us something more about your role in this film?

"Constitution of the Republic of Croatia" is primarily a love story. Love story which we are always hungry for and looking for now, here and always. The story is situated in one residential building in Zagreb where people whocannot stand each other live, but fate, unfortunately, brings them together and makes them dependent on each other. It is also filmed in one police station wheremy character belongs to. Such as many of us, full of prejudices, hardened attitudes without giving room for their transformation. One of those that unfortunately will remain such as it is.

T: You worked on the theater musical "Chicago", but before we had a chance to see youat other disciplines such as singing, dancing ... Did you just do that when the profession demands it from you or you sing along at home too?

We still work on "Chicago", even though we are in the process of a long break, we have not yet had a premiere. It is an extremely difficult process that requires a lot but also offers alot. The Love towards singing and dancing were a welcomed plus in the story. I hope you will enjoy it and I will justify the trust of the director Natasa Poplavska to play Roxie, after Ann Reinking, the muse of Bob Fosse for whothe story arises. It was and remains a challenge. As for how I sing in the shower ... contact the neighbors.

T: You "broke" borders and you are too often on the route Skopje – Zagreb, the reason may have been the professionalism, but the consequence becomes private. Probably you get this question very often, but how do you achieve to be in the right time in both places?

I used to think I was born to be a nomad. But the crowded miles began to weigh. I would like to prescirbe that feeling to the already clearer picture of what I want and where I want to be. But I think the real anguish and madness would occur on the scene if I ever start thinking and doubt whether am I at the right place and if this is my time. If it is not mine, then it shall happened to someone else. It is not easy nor graceful, but is mine and it is much easier for me when I believe that I am where I should be.

Q: This will be a cliche, but what is love for you?

Love is a choice. Choice of freedom, faith, and unconditional respect. A choice exclusively for the brave. The rest, what gets a different face from the above is a selfish calculation.

T: Can you do a parallel to what it means to be an actor in Macedonia and in Croatia? In terms of how films are made in a year, how many films are played, of course the financial part, the regular salary, fees, contracts which are offered?

Apart from the TV drama series and soap operas or the TV production of Croatia is in excellent coordination film connection with Europe. This brings greater job opportunities. Moreover, none of the actors have that stubborn attitude that he/she would not have played in series, because they do not satisfy his/her artistic needs, and thus he/she will play exclusively in films. From a very clear and sensible reason, if you are bad, you are going to be bad in both genres, but if you are good one will bring up the other. Well, they have one and the other, unlike us where wefor years redeem foreign series and no one tries to make a homemade. And I know that we are capable of, even more than we think we are. I hope there will be some ...

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