REEL ROCK in Skopje for the Second Time

Very exciting event combining film and climbing, REEL ROCK Film Tour, happening in Skopje for the second time. The program besides REEL ROCK 10 documentary will include documentary videos on major achievements in the local climbing world.

Finally, the full and official program of Skopje’s REEL ROCK edition is announced. The program besides REEL ROCK 10 documentary will include videos and presentations on major achievements in the local climbing world. Following the global trends, from this year’s program we can conclude that Macedonia have respectable climbers, whose achievements can be measured by the achievements in the global climbing world. From climbing on the big granite boulders in Prilep, high mountain and Himalayan exploits of our climbers to the climbing festivals in Macedonia climbing areas, we will follow the exciting projects with which Macedonian climbers were preoccupied. Besides virtual climbs and trips that we’ll see on the big screen, this year the program will include several outdoor activities that would go beyond the comfortable seats of the cinema Frosina.

This is the second year of presenting of the annual REEL ROCK Film Tour, with the world’s best alpine movies in Skopje. Last year for the first time Macedonian audience was able to see the ninth edition of REEL ROCK, which brought the long awaited and award-winning documentary film Valley Uprising by the American filmmakers Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen. The jubilee tenth edition of the most exciting climbing film tour and premiere of this year’s Skopje REEL ROCK edition will take place on 21 October in cinema Frosina. An even richer local program, five documentaries for major happenings and achievements in the global climbing world make REEL ROCK 10 the right place for dedicated climbers and fans of high rocks and snowy mountains.

The tenth REEL ROCK Film Tour globally was launched on 17 September in Boulder, Colorado and will last until the end of 2015, showcasing the best films about mountaineering adventures of audiences worldwide. This year with the jubilee REEL ROCK 10, Skopje, along with 450 cities around the world, with the support from the US Embassy, ​​will again have the unusual opportunity to watch the premiere of the latest edition of the REEL ROCK. In addition to that, it gets another dose of the biggest outdoor and climbing achievements, from the most important and most experienced climbers such as Dean Potter, Tommy Caldwell, Alex Honnold, Jimmy Webb, Daniel Woods and Kevin Jorgeson!

The event is organized by Solis & SkiMacedonia with the support of the American Embassy in Skopje. More information can be found on REEL ROCK page or the official event.

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