In the first season of the musical show "Pinkove zvezdice" title winner bore Marija Serdar, 13-year-old girl with a powerful voice. Second place is our only representative Trajche Gjeorgiev from Strumica, while third and fourth place went to Pavle Vasiljevic and Lena Stamenkovic.

In the super final issue of the show, held yesterday, 10 finalists competed and the audience in the first section of votes said goodbye to Isidora and Valentina, and in the second to Mateja and Igor.

The third section of voice was not very happy for David Radosavljevic and Jovan Aleksic. In the penultimate section Stamenkovic Lena and Pavle Vasiljevic left the show, and in the final the main fight was between our Trajche and Marija.

Trajce won fewer votes than Marija. In his final appearance Trajche performed the theme "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars, otherwise he sang in one of the previous issues.

After him, on the stage was Marija who performed "Jutro" by Jelena Tomasevic. From the jury Gjeorgiev won a lot of praise for his masterpieces performances and emotions he transmits on the stage and singer Trzhan invited him to be special guest at her performance on July 19 within the Prilep Beer Fest.

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