Morrissey to Perform in Skopje on October 16

Simply British and gentleman-like the promise Morrissey gave on December 10, 2014 in Belgrade, that he would come and perform in Macedonia, will be fulfilled.

This is a truly rare opportunity to have an artist of such caliber perform in Skopje. Morrissey, the front man of the legendary band The Smiths, with whom he produced four cult albums that are to be found today in all music encyclopedias, but also the man who recorded 10 albums during his solo career, is always on the top of the music charts.
World Peace Is None of Your Business, Morrissey's latest studio album has prompted such a huge interest in global frames that one of the most influential music magazines, New Musical Express, has released a special edition dedicated uniquely to the singer, where it has declared him the artist with the best and most dignified career from all artists who use to be members of a band. The Music Week magazine during the week when the album was published, changed its name into Morrissey Week.

The concert of the music doyen will take place on October 16 at the Kale Sport Center in Skopje. Details on the tickets will be released on July 17.