Macedonia: Producers Start Casting for 'Golden Five' Movie

The feature movie 'Golden Five', directed by Goran Trencovski, and supported by the Macedonian Film Agency enters into production stage.

The script has been drafted according to drama and prose motives written by Bratislav Taskovski, the production is in the hands of Dejan Milosevski, the cinematographer is Apostol Trpeski, while the scene design is the work of Kiril Spaseski. The movie is to be edited by Andrija Zafranovic.

The movie is to be produced by Revolution Production from Skopje, and co-produced by the Macedonian Television. The municipalities of Strumica, Radovis, Vasilevo, Bosilovo and Novo Selo are aiding the project.

The casting for roles will take place on Tuesday, at the House of the Macedonian Army in Strumica and at the premises of Vardar Film in Skopje on July 31.

"The picture is envisaged as a fictional story of an interrupted love, includes elements of longing and treason. The protagonists lead the spectators through a story about running away from the absurd sins from the past. This goes on until one surviving witness reveals new traces that point to a 1951 file telling about a group of students from Strumica who have been liquidated," the production company says.

The shooting will commence in the second half of September. The movie is expected to be completed in spring, premiering at some of the world film festivals.

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