Macedonian pop star Daniel Kajmakoski announced his new summer single "10 leta" and the video and an interesting story.

- Gives me great pleasure to go out a completely with own project. I am particularly happy and grateful for the collaboration with Aleksandra, Darko and Ognen. With this team and single I announce my next project - single and album.

Until the next single, enjoy with 10 leta - Kajmakoski. Songwriter is Aleksandra Milutinovic, arrangement and production Darko Dimitrov, translation and adaptation Ognen Nedelkovski.

- The text of "10 leta" represents Daniel as emotionally and strong boy. Talks about love which occurred perhaps not in the right time, but certainly not only adventure. Thanks to Darko Dimitrov who is producer of this single, the song sounds fresh and gives Daniel a seal, at the beginning of his career. As we, the authors, would say - I hope that the song and the success will last long! - Milutinovic.

The video completes the love story of the song, making further enjoying with a walk through various locations recorded in Ohrid. Daniel in the video is accompanied by Poliksena Tunteva.

The video is the realization of "DK" team and "Storyteller". Soon will follow the publication of "Decenije", Serbian version of the song, along with a video.

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