Shooting of Macedonian Movie "Nameless" Begins

Shooting of film "Nameless", written and directed by Vardan Tozija, produced by Dream Factory, began in Skopje on Sunday.

The film is funded by the Macedonian Film Agency, supported by the City of Skopje."Nameless" is a film about a group of juveniles at the very edge of society, who choose to survive through the only way they know - uncompromising street fighting to the last breath.

Martin Gjorgoski, 16, plays in the leading role, along with Deniz Abdula and Nikola Ristanovski.

Ognen Antov is the producer, Vladimir Samoilovski is the cinematographer, Kiril Spaseski and Natasa Dimitrievska are the set designers, Zaklina Krstevska is the costume designer, Goran Ignjatovski is the makeup artist, while Igor Popovski is the sound editor.