Macedonian Choreographer Iskra Sukarova to Stage Two Projects in Berlin

Choreographer Iskra Sukarova will commence two projects April 22-30 in Berlin, titled "Robolero" and "Techniques for manipulation of movement".

"Robolero" was performed last year at an international festival in Sofia, and this year, with the support of the Macedonian Culture Ministry, it will be presented at a workshop for students, in the educative part of the Tanzfabrik program.

Dancer Viktorija Ilioska, Bistra Delinikolova and Elena Risteska are the dancer to perform this project, while the music is the work of Valentin Dimanovski.

The work "Techniques for manipulation of movement" was presented at the Lokomotion festival in Skopje in 2014.

In cooperation with Viktorija Ilioska and Elena Risteska, Sukarova is to realize a residential production in Berlin in the frames of the Tanzfabrik Center for Contemporary Dance and Uferstudios - atelier for artists in residence to work and create.

The international residence for the work "Techniques for manipulation of movement" is organized by the Lokomotiva Center in Skopje, as part of its cooperation with the European Advancing Performing Arts Project, APAP.


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