"The Dragon's Bride" Opera to Be Performed at Macedonian Opera and Ballet

The long-awaited opera "The Dragon's Bride" by composer Stojan Stojkov will live to see its premiere on Saturday at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.

"The Dragon's Bride" is the first opera in Macedonian language set at the stage of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet after 10 years since the last premiere of domestic opera "Lidija of Macedonia" by Risto Avramovski.

The director of The Dragon's Bride is Dejan Projkovski, which is his first opera work. The scenography is created by Valentin Svetozarev, and the costumes by Marija Pupucevska.

The conducting bat will once again go to Nikolovski and Gjumar. The lead roles will be sang by Katerina Stojanovska and Nade Talevska (the role of the bride) and Riste Velkov and Ernes Ibraimovski.

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