Igor Isakovski, One of Macedonia's Most Renowned Poets Passed Away

Writer and founder of Blesok publishing house, Igor Isakovski, has died yesterday at age of 44. 

Igor Isakovski was a poet, writer and editor, and was born on September 19, 1970 in Skopje. He graduated at the department of General and Comparative Literature, and got his MA at the Central European University in Budapest in the department of gender and culture studies. He was a PhD candidate at the department of comparative literature in Skopje.

He worked as an editor of several literary magazines, and was founder of the publishing house Blesok, where since 1998 he worked as the editor-in-chief.

He has published two novels, four short story books and a considerable number of poetry collections. Isakovski received the award Master of Prose in 2005, the prize presented to him by the Fourth Festival of Poetry and Books in Belgrade, and the award for best graphic design of printed book in 2007.

His work has been published and translated in sixteen languages in some twenty countries, and he also translated poetry, prose, essays from Macedonian to English, Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian-Montenegrin and vice versa, and Slovenian languages. He has presented his work in a considerable number of poetry collections and anthologies in Macedonia and abroad.

Igor Isakovski will be buried tomorrow at the city cemetery in Skopje.


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