Macedonian Literature Represented at the Book Fair in Frankfurt

Macedonian literature will be represented at the 65th Book Fair in Frankfurt from October 8 to October 12. The Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Macedonia (ZIKM) will be commissioner of the comprehensive presentation of Macedonian authors and publishers under the slogan "House of words, house of worlds."

At the fair, Republic of Macedonia will have specially designed stand and will be offering a publication of selected and translated short excerpts from the works of 18 Macedonian authors. In addition, the capital projects of the Government and the Ministry of Culture and an affirmed competition for translation of works by Macedonian authors from foreign publishing houses will be promoted.

Announcing the upcoming participation at the fair in Frankfurt, Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska –Mileska at today’s press conference said that Republic of Macedonia is among the few countries in the world that pays special attention to publishing.

"Ministry of Culture with the support of the Government of RM, in the past have had series of capital projects that advanced the literary, artistic, translation and publishing environment in our country. Also, regularly through annual programs, large funds have been allocated for the projects of the private publishing houses. Since 2008 over 4,000 books and publications in Macedonian language and the language of the communities that exist in our country have been issued, and over 40 thousand publications have been purchased thus continually enriching the library fund  throughout the country," said Minister Kanceska-Mileska.

She added that continuous support has been given to more literary events, and the priorities include the presentation of the Macedonian contemporary literary works at acclaimed book fairs in the world.

A week ago, it was for the first time presented in Gothenburg, the largest book fair in Scandinavia, followed by Frankfurt and the upcoming participation at the fair in Istanbul, from 8 to 16 November 2014, where the Commissioner of the Republic of Macedonia will be the Association of Albanian Publishers.

President of ZIKM, Gorjan Lazarevski is pleased that after a few years of pause, the Association will again take on the role of Commissioner in Frankfurt - the most attractive and largest book fair in the world. He expects successful representation and contacts of Macedonian publishers with foreign agents. He announced that the central event of the Macedonian stand will be on October 11 at 11 a.m., which will bring together writers Luan Starova, Nikola Madzirov and Lidija Dimkovska accompanied with a musical performance by Zoran Madzirov.

The concept of representation was first designed by university professors in literature - Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser, Vesna Mojsova-Chepisheva and Elizabeta Seleva. Eighteenth authors are deployed at six in three segments, each with a different theme and known motifs associated with the cultural heritage.

As professor Dr. Stojmenska-Elzeser explained, the concept was developed in a period of two months. Selected titles published in the last decade lead by the principal criteria: quality of the work, the genre diversity, authors from different generations and attractiveness to the European book market.

The first segment is titled "Writing (out of) home" and includes authors and works that treat the home and (not) having home, symbolically illustrated with "Ohrid’s House". The second segment "The art of the craft" contains masterful literary works symbolically associated with the famous filigree butterfly. The third segment "Unlocking the intimate" with works and authors dealing with the emotional, erotic, realistic confessional discourse, is a stylized illustration of the Great Mother.

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