Macedonian "Uska Kan" wins the best brass band title in Guca

In the fifth international competition of brass bands, which has just been completed in Guca, participated nine orchestras from Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Slovakia. The best international brass band, at the discretion of the jury, is “Uska Kan” from Macedonia, while Ekrem Mamutovic was named the world’s best trumpet player. Second place took Sokol orchestra from Poland, and the third was Zuralia Orchestra from Romania. Vice champion in the fight for the best trumpet is Kristijan Azorovic, while bronze went to Blaz Pek from Slovenian orchestra “Pivo i cevapi”. Several hundred visitors enjoyed in two hours of the sounds of trumpet while the competition lasted, and the winning band continued to play for the mass after the competition was finished. “We are thrilled. To win the title of the best world’s orchestra is something that all trumpet players dream about,” said the winners.


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