Macedonian Clarinet Virtuoso Leaves Vienna to Orchestrate in Bitola

Clarinetist and conductor, Marjan Bakrevski from Bitola, left Vienna to renew the brass orchestra in Bitola, Dnevnik daily reads.

 At the age of 27 he has a successful musical and conductor’s portfolio from several capitals in Europe and the U.S. He went to the Boston Conservatorium of Music as a teenager and continued with graduate studies at the prestigious University "Mozarteum" in Salzburg, Austria. Until a month ago he was working as an orchestrator in Vienna, but the longing has returned him to his hometown where he plans to make a revolution in music.

"From a professional aspect, to be music orchestrator in Vienna is something that every musician would love to work with Symphony and other orchestras. I got the idea for a brass band back in Austria. There I got the love for the brass band. I got the desire to return to Macedonia and to make a musical revolution. I hope that this attempt to make a brass band that would live will be successful", said Bakrevski.

His first musical steps are connected with the hometown of Bitola. He attended primary music school regularly as a child at the age of ten. Then he continued at the high school of music where he learned to play clarinet. During his career abroad he has worked with various orchestras in the U.S., such as New England Philharmonic, the Brass Orchestra "Charles River", Wiener Kagran Musik, Dorfmusik Strebersdorf and others. In Europe, he has conducted orchestras in Austria, went on tours in the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands. However, he has never forgotten that he is Macedonian.

"Macedonia is my home. I am from Bitola so I cannot be Viennese or American. I am part of this country. I managed to achieve what I wanted to achieve in America and my goal is to bring to Bitola the whole music that I experienced there", adds this young, but experienced musician.

Along with two dozen other professional musicians born in Bitola, employees at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet and the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Bakrevski renewed the brass orchestra in Bitola. The orchestra existed years ago, but with the departure of some members to work in Skopje it was disbanded. Citizens of Bitola say that the last conductor of the orchestra, some Sergjo, at the age 90 is still alive.

Renewed brass band recently had its first musical appearance in Bitola. Within the cultural summer "Bitfest" at the full with spectators Shirok Sokak  musicians with  flutes, clarinets, and trombones performed music  of Strauss, Tejke, Susa, Lerman and other world composers. Talented Bakrevski was the Kapellmeister.

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