"Tanec" Performs in Riga - 2014 European Capital of Culture

The ensemble of folk dances and song "Tanec" performed late Saturday in Riga, the 2014 European Capital of Culture.

"Tanec" performed within the Summer Solstice Festival, presenting Macedonia’s rich folklore.

The performance by “Tanec” within the European Capital of Culture is especially important mission whose goal is celebration of common cultural heritage.

"I am very proud that the audience together with the ensemble enjoyed the famous Macedonian rhythm experiencing our tradition as something new, making them satisfied and curious to find out more about the Macedonian culture," Zoran Dzorlev, Director of the Ensemble, said.

Musicians, dance ensembles and artists from India, Germany, Estonia, Romania, Georgia and Colombia also performed at the festival, which was broadcast live on Latvia’s national television

Women’s chamber choir "St. Zlata Meglenska" will perform at the World Choir Games in Riga next month, which is supported by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture.

Ministry officials have said that Macedonia’s participation will contribute to the promotion of the country’s culture and values, as well as enhancement of cooperation with Latvia in that area.

Macedonia has started the presentation of its cultural heritage and modern art since 2010 when Macedonian culture and tradition was presented in Istanbul, Tallinn, Maribor and Marseille.