(1 x Scotsman) + (1 x Macedonian) = Komic Brew, A New Creative Formula

Coran’s Quest: Misterstourworm and the Kelpies Gift – a Scottish fantasy, a tale of friendship and compassion, of a young boys courage and bravery as he attempts to rid his people of the fire breathing sea serpent Misterstourworm. That’s Komic Brew’s first 192-page, full colour graphic novel project.

Hi, I’m Adam Armit co-founder of Komic Brew; a new Edinburgh based publishing company co-founded with Goce Cvetanovski. We focus on fantasy, SF and horror genres. To get our first graphic novel, Coran’s Quest: Misterstourworm and the Kelpies Gift off the drawing board we have launched a Kickstarter campaign:

The Coran’s Quest project started life as an audio recording released in 2007 by my label, Circular Records, it’s called, ‘Misterstourworm and the Kelpie’s Gift’. Award winning composer/musician Savourna Stevenson had created a wonderful score and critically acclaimed children’s playwright Stuart Paterson produced a fantastic story. For the recording I was lucky to work with ‘Lord of the Rings’ star, Billy Boyd and the Orchestra of Scottish Opera and Martin McKenna created some fantastic illustrations for the work. You can hear clips from the music and the story and see the images at www.misterstourworm.com

The illustration below is one of the images Martin produced for the release:

For me, this was such a visual project that a graphic novel is the perfect evolutionary development leading one day, it’s hoped, to an animation.

My meeting Goce was a bit of a tale in itself. We met online some three years ago when I was researching another project. On seeing one of Goce’s animations I immediately realised that he might be interested in one of my other projects, Misterstourworm and the Kelpies Gift. I was right, Goce loved it and in fact shares my passion for this piece of Scottish fantasy. So after a lot of planning and plotting, Komic Brew was born.

I’ve a background in music and in a past life I was a flute player. Then, I successfully established the first pop and rock music courses in Scotland. After twenty years in college I set up Circular Records and Circular Music. We released a number of titles from jazz, rock and Americana to hip-hop and electronica and of course Misterstourworm and the Kelpies Gift.

Goce comes from a family of storytellers and artists, and his grandmother is a soothsayer. He bathed in fantasy stories from his early childhood, maintaining and perpetuating the family tradition by creating his own dreamscapes and putting them onto film and paper. With more than thirty films, two animations and three comic books to his name, he is a sleepless workaholic and occasionally your worst nightmare. He lives in Paris, France. When not writing or filming. He gives a creative workshop at the European Film Academy ESRA in Skopje, Macedonia.

The main focus of Komic Brew is publishing graphic novels, comic books, and comic strips with planned secondary activities including publication of board and card games. There is a small team of dedicated professionals, both in Scotland and Macedonia and this will develop and build with the company. There are currently some of Macedonia’s finest artists involved, including:

Aleksandar Sotirovski – Storyboards and Layouts

Slobodan Spasenovski (Sejver) – Line Art

Tanja Vukobrat – Colours

Aleksandar Stevanov – Lettering

Below is the finished artwork for page 7 of the first chapter for Coran’s Quest

And this is the finished artwork for page 20 of the first chapter – Cathal fights the bull

We have three other series and graphic novels in different phases of production. We also have plans to publish four previously published series that have never been available in English before.

Goce and I have to date invested a considerable amount so we are turning to the comic community for help in the form of the Kickstarter campaign. We are asking for pledges starting at just £3.00 and have in return a series of rewards, e.g. anyone pledging £20.00 is rewarded with the graphic novel and some digital goodies. Now we thought we’d add to the rewards since we are over the first week. So when, or if our target is reach, especially with Bleeding Cool readership support, we will produce a limited edition medal with Coran riding the Kelpie as an extra bonus reward.

You can see more artwork from Coran’s Quest as well as other planned projects at the Komic Brew website – www.komicbrew.com