French critics for Macedonian work: “a fascinating novel”

Informing the French public about the publication of the novel “Sigmund Freud’s sister” by Goce Smilevski published by “Belfon” Paris, the news agency AFP said that it is “a fascinating novel”.

Smilevski’s work is “an exciting novel about women forgotten from the history, a lament about the meaning of life, reason and madness”, says the AFP information, and reminds that the book has been translated into more than 30 languages ​​worldwide.

The novel “Sigmund Freud’s Sister” has recently appeared on French, a translation of Harita Vibrands and Arthur Vibrands. The novel was already promoted in Paris, and at the Book Fair in Nancy.

The first high grades critical reflections on the novel get into French readership spotlight. Francois Lestavel in “Paris Match” says that Goce Smilevski is “sensible and courageous novelist” who “leads us through the vibrant, intellectual and artistic life of Vienna before the war”. In addition to “Paris Match” is added: “Goce Smilevski has a gift to light up the big ideas that shake the world, while they are lived by characters of flesh and blood”.

Astrid de Larminat, a critic at the prestigious Parisian daily newspaper “Le Figaro” highlights the “beautiful humanistic spirit of the book” written by “a novelist who draws from all disciplines to uncover the mystery of man and his existence”.

Among the numerous critical reflections is the review published in “Mediapart” in which the critic Domonik Konil writes that “Sigmund Freud’s Sister” by Goce Smilevski “portrays the stirred Europe of revolutionary knowledge and ideas before the Fascism” in which he “explores the limits of tacit in families, feeling shut, the social pressure, neurotics and madness, the cruelty of history, the origins of psychoanalysis and modern psychiatry”.

The novel “Sigmund Freud’s Sister” by Goce Smilevski in 2010 received the Award in Literature of the European Union, and last year’s award for Mediterranean culture.


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