Macedonian legendary group Archangel again on concert stage.

On 26th of October at the Sports Center, “Boris Trajkovski” the Macedonian band again will prove that it sounds better on Macedonian. This concert will be a unique rock spectacle. Moreover, there will be no rerun.

Macedonian Archangel and songs that one time sang all Yugoslavia would stand together with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra.

More than 60 people in a single scene. Archangel’s rock sounds combined with the severity of the Philharmonic sounds, will give a completely different charm on that evening. After the spectacular concert in 2011, it is time for the biggest Macedonian band to experience something different on stage. Something original and unique, something that reminds on their career and successes.

In 2011, they reminded us that it sounds better on Macedonian. This year love is returned in fashion. Under the motto Love, Risto Vrtev and the team will confirm why in 1993 and 1994 they received the awards for best live performances.

Archangel announced rock spectacle, while before the event the organizers are announcing numerous surprises!!!

Archangel is a Macedonian rock group founded in February 1989. The founder of the now legendary rock band is Risto Vrtev. In its discography, they have 4 albums, a reason why they are considered as one of the best Macedonian rock bands. Archangel’s first album was released in 1991.

Then came Archangel 2 in 1993, which for the needs of the Yugoslav market was tape-recorded with the titled “Dno”. The album Heart Core in 1998, rounded up the imaginary trilogy of Vrtev. In 2003, Archangel released their fourth album “Nebesna mashina”. After the establishment of Archangel, thanks to previous reputation of Vrtev, it was not difficult to attract public attention.

Loved by whole Yugoslavia, in 1993 and 1994 are rewarded for best live performances. Archangel in its autobiography add the music for the film “Zbogum na 20 Vek by Aleksandar Popovski and Darko Mitrevski.

Kurir is the media sponsor of this concert that Macedonia awaits with pleasure.


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