Noviot Pochetok mit Euro Tour - noch Konzerttermine für Deutschland frei

Unsere makedonischen melodischen Punkrocker von NOVIOT POCHETOK (was so viel heißt wie Neuer Anfang oder kurz Neuanfang) sind im Oktober auf ausgiebiger Eurotour quer durch Europa unterwegs.
Für Deutschland sind noch zwei Konzerttermine frei (bei den Dates markiert)

Hier aus der offiziellen Bandpage:
"Noviot Pochetok is a punk rock/melodic hardcore band based in Skopje, Macedonia and formed in 2002. So far, they've released 3 LP's, and played shows all over Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria but also Romania, Czech Republic and Germany on their last two tours in 2012. The band is mostly recognized by their energetic live performances and the fastly-slow Californian-inspired punk rock mixed with political and emotional lyrical melodies." 

Reviews of the last LP “Melancholic Machine” 2012 
"One of the best punk albums in the last few years from the region" 13brat, Slovenia 

"These Macedonians won't let you take a breath on this album", Croatia 

The webzine "Music Vault" from Bulgaria has given four and a half, out of five stars for the "Melancholic Machine" LP

Now hitting the road once again, in your town or a town near you: 
October, 2013

08.10.2013 TBA, Kosovo
09.10.2013 TBA, Serbia
10.10.2013 Drustveni Centar, Novi Sad, Serbia
11.10.2013 Club Noir, Szeged, Hungary
12.10.2013 TBA, Veszprém, Hungary
13.10.2013 Trencin, Slovakia
14.10.2013 Café na půl cesty, Prague, Czech Republic
15.10.2013 Club Divadlo pod lampou, Pilsen, Czech Republic
16.10.2013 Boro Club, Brno, Czech Republic
17.10.2013 TBA, Wroclaw, Poland
18.10.2013 TBA, Germany
19.10.2013 Schwabisch Gmund, Germany
20.10.2013 TBA, Germany
21.10.2013 TBA, France
22.10.2013 TBA, Plan Les Ouates, Switzerland
23.10.2013 TBA, Switzerland
24.10.2013 La Boje Spazio Sociale, Mantova, Italy
25.10.2013 BBCC Club, Lukavac, BIH
26.10.2013 8 Ball, Sofia, Bulgaria
27.10.2013 TBA, Greece
28.10.2013 TBA, Greece


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