State subsidies for Macedonian music production

As of 2014, Macedonian music production - pop, folk and children's music - will be stimulated with state funds, through contests of the Macedonian Radio-Television.
The Ministry of Culture has developed a draft-law on stimulating this type of work, presenting it at Tuesday's
public debate.
Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska said a special law would regulate the stimulation of music production.
"The objective is to pass a proper law beneficialfor all- music production, citizens and the state in general", she stressed.
MRT will annually announce four contents for subsidizing 200 compositions during the year - 50 children's songs and 150 pop and folk songs.
MRT director-general Marjan Cvetkovskisaid the law was of historic significance in the field. Following the Government and Parliament's approval, the law is set to enter into force at the onset of 2014.


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