Die River Singers/USA singen makedonisches Volkslied "Stamena"

The River Singers performing "Sto Imala Ksmet" at the church in Grafton, VT on December 5, 2010. Choir directed by Mary Cay Brass.

The River Singers is a multigenerational 90-voice community choir founded and led by Mary Cay Brass in the village of Saxtons River, Vermont. The choir sings lively and soulful songs from many community-based traditions around the world.

Of particular interest to Mary Cay is music from the Balkan countries of the former Yugoslavia where she spent two and a half years on a Fulbright Scholarship in ethnomusicology. Ritual songs, love songs, dance songs as well as liturgical chants from the orthodox, islamic and sephardic spiritual traditions of Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia are regular
features of the River Singer repertoire.