"Vardar Film" will resume its role of producing and promoting Macedonian movies. In order to preserve the national brand, the government has reached a decision to terminate the existence of "Vardar Film-Skopje" film center and to set up a new national institution dubbed "Vardar Film-Macedonia".

Minister of Culture Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska announced the decision at Friday's press conference, saying it was reached following a comprehensive analysis on improving the film industry.

Founded in 1947, "Vardar Film-Skopje" film center for over four decades served as the sole Macedonian film production company that had produced numerous films. However, the institution had an artificial existence for 13 years as a result of a blocked account, poor financial state and debts.

"The new national institution will aim at promoting Macedonian films around the world, providing logistic support to foreign producers for shooting movies in Macedonia, distributing Macedonian films worldwide, organising events to affirm the film culture, etc," Kanceska-Milevska said. It is expected "Vardar Film-Macedonia" to kick off its activities in three months' time.

A film studio with adequate equipment for productions and post-productions is planned to be opened in an effort to bolster the industry. A model of public-private partnership is expected to the implemented.


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