Ana Durlovski to perform in Metropolitan Opera in 2014

Soprano Ana Durlovski, who recently received the German musical-theatre award "Faust", will perform as the Queen of the Night in Mozart's "The Magic Flute" at the New York-based Metropolitan Opera in 2014.

"Ana Durlovski will be Macedonia's first opera singer to perform at the stage of the world's biggest opera house, the Metropolitan Opera", said Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska after Wednesday's meeting with Durlovski.

The 2012 Faust award in category singer-performer in music theatre was presented to Durlovski at the Erfurt Theatre for her role as Amina in opera "The Sleepwalker", produced by the Stuttgart Opera.

"Our opera star has gradually conquered European and global stages, promoting the Republic of Macedonia as a country of top class artists and talents. Her modesty is a great virtue and I believe she will continue to win numerous awards and have success at opera houses worldwide", said Minister Kanceska-Milevska.

"The Magic Flute" performances will be played in September-November 2014. Durlovski went for a second audition and got the role ten days ago.

"The Metropolitan Opera is an exceptionally big house, both in renown and space, which is difficult to fill with one's voice. They wanted to see if my vocal capabilities met the criteria in order to offer the role", said Durlovski.

With regards to the Faust award, she said it was an honor and a surprise.

"The Metropolitan engagement represents a confirmation that I am on the right path", added Durlovski.

In the meantime, Durlovski is active in the Stuttgart State Theatre, but also tours throughout the globe and performs at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.


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