Macedonia: Kaliopi talks to esctoday

Exclusive impromtu performances of Crno i belo & samo ti

Shortly after previewing her Eurovision 2012 song, Crno I belo (Black and White) for Macedonia, Russell Davies chatted with Kaliopi for esctoday. Kaliopi talks about the meaning behind the song and says that everything is so simple, everything is black and white.

She says it was the composer Romeo Grill’s idea to combine a ballad with a rock song, and how she would prefer to sing in Macedonian, but that there is always a possibility of singing (part of the song) in English.

After dedicating the three minutes of the song to her country, we are treated to an impromptu un-rehearsed piano version of the song in Macedonian and English. She also talks about her sadness and emotional and physical stress at not being able to represent her country for Eurovision in 1996, after the song Samo Ti (Only You) failed to pre-qualify. In an esctoday exclusive Kaliopi agreed to an un-planned performance of the Skopjefest winning, Samo Ti, which she had not sang for twelve years. 

Watch the interview here:

Watch Kaliopi's impromtu version of crno i belo 

Watch Kaliopi's impromtu version of Samo Ti


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