Junior Eurovision: Macedonia contender dreams of singing trio with Beyonce, Lady Gaga

2011 Junior Eurovision’s Macedonia contender sheared his dream of singing a trio with Beyonce and Lady Gaga.

Dorijan Dlaka was already taken on a sightseeing tour over Armenia and learnt important facts of the country’s history.

The young singer pointed out Netherlands contestant as his personal favorite. Dorijan named computer games and meetings with friends as his favourite pastimes.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest was established in 2003. In 2010, the contest was broadcast live from Minsk, Belarus, where young talents between 10 and 15 from 14 countries showed their skills.

Armenia has participated in the contest since 2007, when it was represented by Arevik (Sun) Armenian group, winning the 2nd place. In 2008 Monika Manucharyan with her song ranked 8th. Luara Hayrapetyan representing Armenia in Eurovision 2009 again won the second place sharing it with a singer from Belarus, Roman Voloznev. In 2010, Vladimir Arzumanyan with his song Mama brought Armenia a smashing victory.

This year Dalita with her song “Welcome to Armenia” will represent Armenia performing the 4th.


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