Macedonia: Kaliopi to sing in Macedonian in Eurovision 2012

Kaliopi, Macedonia's representative in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, will sing a song in Macedonian, as it has been revealed today in a press conference held at the MKRTV headquarters.

Therefore, Eurovision 2012 will see the fourth consecutive participation of Macedonia with a song penned in the national language. Kaliopi will try to qualify for the final for the first time since 2007.

The head of delegation of Macedonia, Maria Popova, revealed today that the intention of the national broadcaster MKRTV is that Kaliopi represents the country as a "complete artist" - both as a singer and composer. The 2012 representative accepted the responsibility without ruling out the possibility to perform a song by another author if it meets her sensibility. Some of them have already been contacted: Cyril Dzajkovski, Duke Boyadjiev or Darko Dimitrov, to name a few. As a novelty, this year the composer could be from a foreign country.

Kaliopi still has doubts whether to sing a power ballad or another kind of energetic song: "I'm not sure yet whether to perform a strong ballad or an energetic song like the Tina Turner ones. For sure, the song will be played in a modern way, with a folk feature".

MKRTV has also informed today that an international producer will be in charge of the country's bid for Eurovision 2012.

More details regarding the Macedonia entry in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest are expected to be disclosed by mid-February


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