Skopje Public Transit Passengers Can't Handle Turbo Folk Music

In Skopje, the bus driver is the 'manager' of the bus, regardless that passengers actually pay for their ride and majority would prefer it if they can enjoy their bus ride home.

The majority enjoys the silence and would prefer to leave the bus without a headache. A small minority of riders prefer quiet classical music.

Huge majority is against turbo-folk music, especially when loud and hits every nerve of your body. The challenge is, huge majority of bus drivers both in the private and public sector prefer to play loud turbo-folk music!

"What sort of individual plays loud turbo-folk music in the morning? I was relaxed all morning, well at least until I entered bus #22, private bus going to downtown Skopje. The music was so obnoxious, it literally broke my concentration, and frustrated me to the core. The screaming sounds and even worse lyrics can make someone go mad!" says Milena Hristova from Skopje who rides the #22 bus every day going to work.

Manager Lenin Jovanovski, head of the company "Sloboda Prevoz" which manages all the private bus lines in the capital says nothing can be done. "The bus driver is the manager of the bus. He decides what sort of music he will listen to. If it's too loud or people complain we don't have any policies in place that will fine the driver. We could suggest to them to think of their passengers, but in the end it's their call!" says Jovanovski.

Skopje's public transit director Misho Nikolov attempted to insert some sense and banned the public transit drivers from listening to turbo folk music. However, this didn't seat well with the drivers so the decision was reversed.

However, if citizens complain of specific bus drivers for loud music, the driver will not receive a 10% salary bonus which is entitled to if they do not receive any complaints, added JSP's director Nikolov.


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