Dedo - a short film

Dedo is Tony Radevski and Pete Ireland’s latest short film, set in the Macedonian community, to be screened on ABC TV. We need your support to make the film a reality.

What is Dedo about?

A teenage boy, Connor, receives some unexpected romantic wisdom at an Orthodox family funeral. Dedo is a short comedy film with heart, exploring the nature of true connection in a modern age of disconnection.

Why do you need my donation?

Making Dedo requires hiring skilled actors, hard working crew, cameras, lights, sound equipment, editing equipment, etc. Then, once they’re on set, we have to feed people and clothe them in costumes. THEN, when we have finished shooting, we have to edit and master the film. While we are getting many favours from people who believe in the film, all these things add up to an impossible expense for two people. As a result, without your help, Dedo will not be a reality, and one less precious chance, to showcase Macedonian culture, will exist in the world. That’s why we need your support!

Why do we want to make Dedo?

We believe Dedo will be a funny, heartfelt film, set in the Macedonian community, which is sorely needed on our screens. Our director, Tony, has wanted for a number of years to make a story about his Macedonian heritage, and with Dedo he finally has the chance to showcase his culture to the world. Most of all, we want to make a great film, that you will want to watch on repeat.

Is this a proper film? Where will it be shown after it’s completed?

Yes! Not only is it a proper short film but, as a part of the Raw Nerve program we have been selected for, it will screen on ABCTV and ABC iView in Australia. This means that the film will be seen by thousands of people, all of them enjoying and learning about Macedonian culture. In addition to the screening on the ABC, we intend to enter the film into film festivals locally and overseas. The idea is to get as many people to see and enjoy the film as possible.

Does that mean you’ll make money selling tickets to the film?

No. Short films are for cultural benefit and we will receive no income from the ABC or film festival screenings. For us, we are making this film because we believe in the story and want to see a Macedonian story on the big and small screen!

I’m in. I want to be a part of making Dedo happen. What do I do now?

To make a donation, simply type in the amount you are pledging into the green donation field above. That warm, happy feeling you experience after you donate is realising you have helped support two emerging filmmakers, and the cultural landscape for the Macedonian Community.

All donations through ACF are tax deductible.

Please get in touch at if you have any questions.

Thanks for your support!

Tony and Pete

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