Premiere of "The Last Macedonian-Road to Extinction" in Skopje

The film “The Last Macedonian-Road to Extinction” directed by Ilija Piperkovski will be showcased in Skopje on Monday evening in Frosina cinema.

This is a documentary film about a land and people which will never restore their power of the past. A story about negations and many historical moments enveloped in the veil of secret.

Trough the modern personalities and archives "The last Macedonian from Macedonia" approaches to the truth revealing the never spoken moments and linking the past, present but also, the future.

The film was shot on locations in Bitola and its surroundings. The film premiered in Bitola at the 36th edition of the International Cinematographers' Film Festival Manaki Brothers in September. Principal cast includes Sasko Kocev, Rubens Muratovski, Nenad Nacev, Zoran Ljutkov, Slavisha Kaevski, Petar Gorko, Mitko S. Apostoloski. The film is supported by Macedonian Film Agency and film producer is Snezana Lupevska­Sozen and Trinity plus production

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