Macedonians vote to withdraw from Eurovision

After numerous failures in the last several years, Macedonia will most likely withdraw from the biggest European Music Contest, Eurovision, Vesti on-line reports.

The 2014 contestant, Tijana Dapcevic just like predecessors did not even enter the finals.

A poll conveyed by the Macedonian National Television has shown that about 70% of the participants consider Macedonia should no longer take part in this Contest.

From the 14,757 respondents, some 9,803 claimed Macedonia should withdraw from the competition. Some 4,629 consider that the winner of Skopje Festival should be the one representing the country.

The public opinion poll is ongoing and if results remain the same, this country will no longer participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, however MRT will have the final say.
In 2006 Macedonia gained its biggest 'success', when Elena Ristevska managed to reach the 12th place in the final.
The Eurovision contest instead of uniting Europe has become a highly divisive and politicized event with some countries forming blocks and ensuring their 'friends' make it while others do not.  The singing is rarely judged, it's more the political or historical friendliness among countries. Did we mention each entrant pays a 120,000 euros fee?
As a result, Portugal, Cyprus, Armenia, Poland, Turkey, Serbia have withdrawn from Eurovision while Russia wants to create its own version of the contest claiming the current one is rigged where Western European countries are favored.


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