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Four Macedonian poets will read in Italy

Poems from poets Lidija Dimkovska, Nikola Madzirov, Vladimir Martinovski and Juliana Velickovska are published in the fourth edition of “Punto” – almanac of Italian poetry.

Brief anthology “Four Macedonian poets” is published in the section devoted to poetry from abroad, translated in Italian language.

“Punto” is currently one of the most important literary publications in Italy. At about 280 pages published reviews, essays, interviews, and short poetic anthologies of various poets.

- This choice is picture of what poetry in Macedonia offers. Here are represented four poetic voice (evenly distributed by gender) with absolute relevance in the context of the generation born after the seventies, generations who were born in Yugoslavia, grew up in difficult period of transition and matured in the literature as poets and people in young and independent state, writes Luke Benasi, one of the editors of the publication.

Almanac will be promoted on the literary events throughout Italy, Milan, Genoa, Turin, Rome and will be distributed at literary festivals and book fair in Rome “Pew Libri, Pew Liberty” in December.
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