Bitola: Camera Project Opens Bit Fest 2014

The ninth edition of Bit Fest 2014 starts tonight with the multimedia project "Camera", directed by Saso Milenkovski. Ivan Jercic, Borce Gjakovski and KUD "Ilinden" perform in Camera.

The Festival is organized by the culture institutions, civic associations and the Mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Taleski.

From the 320 participant applications submitted this year, some 270 various events will take place, including exhibitions, classical, ethno, jazz concerts, films and artists from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Armenia,  Romania, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Poland etc.  

Among many others, Kiril Dzajkovski, Harundo from Italy, Vlatko Stefanovski, Freile, Japanese artists and many others will perform within this year's program.

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