Macedonia: City Stories Staged in a Bus

Work in progress at the New Orelans Bar in Skopje. Photo:Dnevnik

A different theater expression, rendered at a Skopje city bus "stage", will be taking place for five days, starting May 20, Dnevnik daily reports.

Some seventeen young actors will be performing a play inside a bus, telling different city stories.

Director of this unusual theater performance is Tea Begovska, who is also preparing the performance "Control" this month.

"These last several months, I have been driving in city buses and I am a witness of hundreds of happy and sad moments, scenes of jealousy, unpaid bills, set up drinking parties, meetings between lovers, blondes and brunets and naughty high school students, well brought up pupils and crowds of retired people. Some are nervous, some happy, some are crying, or hiding for not buying a ticket. We are all passengers, the actors and the audience. We'll tell stories, events, real moments that will simply make us recognize ourselves in a certain moment, or make us laugh in another, or make us sad. The audience will witness what is taking place every day while driving in a bus," explained the 23-year-old Begovska, who has already staged two performances in alternative spaces. Her last work is "Silence", which is still performed by actors Ivan Kaloshev and Elizabeta Stefanovska in the New Orleans Bar, and last year she staged "Three Sisters".

Begovska graduated at the ESRA University, under the mentorship of Dejan Projkovski. Her graduation play was "Servants" staged in the Theater in Stip. Along with several colleagues, at the stage of the Drama Theater in Skopje, they set up "Carousel".

"This will be an interesting performance for Skopje and a refreshment for the alternative theater that is yet to come. This is not a subject that relates only to us. This is something that occurs in all buses, trams, metro cars and stations. This is a socially engaged topic, with young actors who are yet to create the taste and spirit of theater. With our tireless energy and passion for work, we simply wanted to show something that you could enjoy uniquely while driving a few rounds in our city," Begovska said.

In order to implement her project, Begovska needs MKD 40,000 that she is to gather exploiting alternative ways. Namely, at the webpage, anyone interested can put a certain sum and get a ticket in return, or get a different reward.

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