Eight teenagers from Macedonia to be part of Giffoni Film Festival jury

Eight teenagers from Macedonia this year will be part of an international jury of the largest, oldest festival for youth and children in the world - the Giffoni Film Festival (GFF) - which is to take place in Italy on July 18-28.

Young American actor Logan Lerman and Italian director Marco Bellocchio are among the guests of the event's 43rd edition, which is to be held under the title 'Forever Young'.

Thus far a long list of Italian and international guests, such as Robert De Niro, Sergio Leone, Michelangelo Antonioni and Alberto Sordi have come to Giffoni to meet the young jurors and talk with them about their careers and their arts, consecrating GFF as one of the most important cultural events dedicated to young people.

The teenagers have been selected to be part of the GFF jury for presenting most creative short videos at a competition in Macedonia. The good-command of English and Italian language was also one of the criteria for their selection, Director of Macedonia's Film Fund Darko Baseski told a press conference on Tuesday.

He said that 'Macedonia's Giffony Day' would be organized within the GFF, presenting five short domestic movies, photo exhibit, concert of the 'Foltin' band, as well as tasting of Macedonian wines, cheese, 'ajvar' and sweets.

"Macedonia's Film Fund and 'Giffoni Experience' have signed a three-year agreement this May, under which GFF is to invest EUR 74.000 in developing the 'Giffoni Macedonia' as a regional festival for youth and children," Basevski said.

The first 'Giffoni Macedonia' edition is to take place in the second half of October. Its art director Ivo Antov expects for the event, which will bring together children, young people from all Balkan countries and Italy, to be rather successful.

GFF, which takes place in Giffoni Valle Piana, a little village in the surroundings of Salerno, started in 1971 when Claudio Gubitosi had the idea of promoting and developing cinema for young people. Over 2,000 children attend the festival from 39 countries around the world. During the festival, the children and teenagers watch the films, learn about the filmmaking process, and are called to judge them and award the best ones with prizes. 

It has had a great impact in the history of entertainment and culture, not only in Italy, but also across the globe. Every year the festival attracts 100,000 guests, directors, producers, and movie stars. The festival has been brought to many different countries around the world with Poland, Argentina, Australia, Albania, China, Korea, India, and the United States having all hosted their own versions of the GFF.


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