Folk singer Aleksandar Tasevski reveals new song "Tugino prokleta"

Aleksandar Tasevski, former singer of "Bravo Band", after leaving the group continued with solo career as a folk singer, for the new song "Tugino pokleta" shot a video in Kokoshinje, and recently was promoted on YouTube, the Australian IN TV and on the Macedonian TV broadcasting.

The video was shot a few days in different locations in Skopje and near Sveti Nikole, and except Aleksandar there are several other characters including starring actor Saso Ristovski, who also signed as a director of the video.

The video made IN production in cooperation with City Records. The story talks about the difficult life of a migrant worker, who after years returns to his hometown to see loved ones, so reminiscent of his youth and his years in the countryside, but the single and bohemianvlife with friends.

How it looks, look at the video:

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