Eva Bogoevska: Happy to Have Brought Victory to Macedonia

Smiling, sincere, pleasant, dedicated to the violin and in constant pursuit for new musical success is the 15-year-old violinist Eva Bogoevska, whose talent and hard work recently brought the reward, based on which she was declared the best violinist at worldwide level, reads Telegraf.mk.

Earlier this month, at the International Music Festival "Silver Pitchfork "in St. Petersburg in competition with more than 150 exceptional quality competitors from around the world and under severe selection of eminent professors from music conservatories in Russia, she won the Grand Prize" Laureate first degree”.

Such recognition is rare into the life of a music artist, even less at the age at which young Eva from Skopje. However, our young violinist, which is a student at the second year of high school in the State Music and Ballet School Center "Ilija Nikolovski- Louis” managed to receive such a award.

Eva says that the award in St. Petersburg was not expecting, but she was confident in her performance without a stage fright and was fully involved in the performance of the two works she played "Gypsy tunes" by Pablo Sarasate and the work of our composer Zivoin Glishik, "Variations on a traditional theme for solo violin ".

”I was really happy to have won at the prestigious competition. This is especially true as I was able to justify the trust of all who supported me and believed in my success. I'm happy as I managed to bring victory to Macedonia again. During the performance, I had stage fright and believed in myself. I perform on the stage since I seven years. For me it is a usual thing to perform in front of a committee and audience”, says Eva.

 St. Petersburg’s concert preparations with her professors Ana and Oleg Kondratenko were about three months and involved exercises from five to six hours a day. Because of the intense preparations, there were moments when she wanted to "give up" but remained persistent to the set goal.

Eva was sent to the festival in Russia, thanks to her victory at the music competition "Lake Pearls", which was held in Struga. However, the victory in St. Petersburg has already opened the doors of another prestigious competition that will be held in Volgograd.

Her life in the world of music is not accidental. She comes from a musical family. Her mother, Marija, is a piano professor at the Ballet School "Ilija Nikolovsky-Louis "and initiated by her Eva began playing piano at the age of six.

“I started to play piano at the age of six, but when I was at a concert and saw the violin I decided it to be my instrument. Ever since then I started I play violin in the class of Ana Kondratenko. My mom’s wish was to be playing piano, but she supported me when I opted for the violin and I'm very grateful for it”, says Eva.

Thanks to her talent, she skipped the eighth grade in the primary school and today, instead to be in the first, she is enrolled in the second year in the class of Oleg Kondratenko. Extensive violin practice is her daily routine. However, she says music is her life, an inspiration and thought that drives her ahead.

“When there is a big event ahead I play continuously for three or four hours a day, and sometimes if there is a performance, I might be practicing up to eight hours a day, depending on the size of the material. The music itself is my inspiration and impetus for everything I do”, explains Eva.

In addition, she says that extensive practice is not an obstacle to communicate with her friends she hangs out during classes in the music school, and on weekends.

At the age of 15, she has a portfolio of performances with orchestras in more countries around the world. He has performed in Slovakia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Italy, and Russia. In Malaysia she performed before the local sultan, while in Vietnam she had a concert with the Symphony Orchestra of the opera and ballet "Ho Chi Minh".

In San Remo, she performed two years ago at the festival for juniors and won the first place. Then, she also performed with the piece "Variations on traditional theme for solo violin, "which the composer Glishik composed specifically for her performance.

She sees the trips around the world as an opportunity to present herself, but also to get familiarized with other cultures.

“My traveling is targeted to introduce myself and my country, but also to familiarize with the culture in the countries I go to. Certainly, it is an opportunity to establish new contacts with artists from around the world”, says Eva.

Like most young artists, she also has an idol. It is the world famous violinist Sarah Chang. She says she loves her style and often listens to her performances. Still, Eva is very modest, and the successes she had so far are only incentive for her to work harder and to develop professionally.


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