Macedonian Jazz Guitarist Will Perform at Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York

Macedonian jazz guitarist to perform at the Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York. Photo: Facebook

The Macedonian jazz musician, Vladimir Cetkar, will perform today at the Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York, at which, probably the most sounding name that ever performed there was Aretha Franklin, one of the most famous female vocalists of all times.

At the prestigious festival, stars performing jazz, soul and pop music will also take part, including Bobby McFerrin, Michael Bolton, Jose James, Danilo Perez, Joe Lovano, Michel Camilo, John Patitucci…

The festival will be held in several locations across Manhattan and will last until the end of June. Cetkar will play in a septet ensemble at the Blue Note Jazz club stage, after the concert of the jazz-doyens’ trio comprised of Danilo Perez, Jon Patitucci and Brian Blade.

Cetkar will be accompanied by Aaron Henry, Cody Rowlands, Corry Wallis, Milan Milanovic, Moto Fukushima and Jeffrey Fahardo. It


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