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Macedonian Literature to be Translated in Several Foreign Languages

Books by Macedonian authors. Photo: flickr

"The Road of the Eels" by Academician Luan Starova, "Hrapeshko" by Ermis Lafazanovski and "The Three Centuries" by Savo Kostadinovski are the first works of the Macedonian novelists to be translated as part of the Competition for financing translations of representative and quality works of Macedonian literature in foreign languages.

This was stated today by the expert commission president, after reviewing the submitted applications for the Nove Cvetanovski Competition.

The president informed that the following translation projects have been supported: "The Road of the Eels" by Academician Luan Starova in Russian, published by Rudomino Publishing House from Moscow, translated by Olga Pankina and the novel "Hrapeshko" by Ermis Lafazanovski also translated in Russian by Olga Pankina and published by the same publishing house. The third project is a translation of "Hrapeshko" in Polish, translated by Aneta Todevska and published by Tochka in Poland. "The Three Centuries" by Savo Kostadinovski, is written in German and translated by the Macedonist, translator and friend of Macedonia, Wolf Oschlies, published by the Literature Atelier of Cologne.

Starova considers the initiative of the Macedonian Ministry of Culture and the foreign publishers on publishing Macedonian literary works a bridge between the two respective countries and an opportunity, which, as he said, for the domestic authors to experience this type of literary publishing.

"The publishing house makes the selection. These novels will be published according to a high publishing average and are important milestone for both literatures and cultures," Starova said.

Lafazanovski stressed that Macedonian literature and authors will be able to compete on the literary ideas market in Europe and in the world.

"Macedonian literature will receive its own critique outside Macedonia's borders, which is very important. We will be able to compare the level and quality of our literature. I am convinced we have something to say through the Macedonian literature," Lafazanovski underlined.

The Ministry of Culture's spokeswoman, Anita Jovanoska, said that there is an exceptionally huge interest in foreign publishers and this initiative was one of the major reforms undertaken in the area of publishing.

"This competition will have a multiple effect and will provide greater placement of Macedonian literature abroad. With this project, the Republic of Macedonia will keep up the pace of the European countries that are already applying the practice to support translations, which has become a trend in recent years and which is undoubtedly stable and continuous affirmation of the culture of a certain country. The new translations will benefit many generations. It is, as well, a permanent value, a great stake in the promotion of our culture in Europe and in the world," Jovanoska said.

She added that this Competition is open throughout the year.

This type of competitions are also open for visual and music artistic activities.

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